The Artists’ Heart In All Of Us

Artists most often have the challenge of protecting their heart, whereas the rest of us guard our hearts much too much.  If only we could allow ourselves the vulnerability to be, we would experience ecstasy in our authenticity.

Learning to live from humility, allowing vulnerability, talking our feelings, and questioning from curiosity is what cultivates a community based in unconditional love.  That’s the community from which artists come.  That is the community where most of us need to visit, to find ourselves.

I never cease to be in wonderment around the work of an artist.  Where does all of this beauty, imagination, and manifestation come from?  I try to dig deep within for some of that magnificent magic, and I realize that being in touch with my personal truth and perspective is where the “magic” lies.

Most of us live in the world of “what ifs”, “shoulds”, and expectation.  Coming from that world we block our REAL world, the reality of who we are in the moment, and who we have become as a result of our choices.  Blocked by unimportant melodrama, co-dependent thinking, and self-criticism, we often times need a reminder as to what is really important.

An Artist’s Heart is quite the contrary:  Feeding on the creative juices, which we all possess, Artist’s learn to focus on those juices, commit to those juices, believe in those juices, and then create from those juices. What a magnificent accomplishment!  The manifestation from one’s  inside dialogue creates the unique, “one of a kind” representation of self, we call art.

Our heart is where our creative catalyst resides.  It is the place where our sensitivity and vulnerability lie ready to spring forth in free abandon given the seed of inspiration.  Wait, is that true?  Or are we so shrouded with past, present, and future storytelling that we don’t know where reality is, let alone where my creative juices are?

Allowing ourselves the gift of creative consciousness comes when we can awaken each day with a clean canvass on which to create each moment.  Unfortunately, many of us have so many shrouds of wounding, we carry around that we NEVER get to experience the soulful essence of who we truly are on the deepest level.

Our lives are our masterpieces, and when we  live from a place of unconditional love of self and other(s) we are in our essence, we are in the “Artists’ Heart”.

The artist sees her/himself in every piece of artwork.  What a joy it must be, to know ourselves so intimately that we express the joy of existence through the manifestation of something so unique that the world is left in wonderment.

marlene-site-heart-slide-2“Art is a verb; not a noun” – William Crutchfield, International Potter, Textile and Stone Design Artist

(From March 2012)

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