Being in Communication with Source Energy

Being in communication with Source Energy
(requires a neutral, conscious mind state)

Divine source energy

“A neutral, conscious mind state,” what is that?  It’s when we are FREE from head-chatter, projections, judgment, criticism, shame and blame.  It’s a continual practice of being “present”, and viewing each new day through a clear pair of eyes.

When we can be in stillness, we receive the messages from Source Energy whether it be through an incident, a person, an object, or a feeling; if we are conscious and neutral we can take in the message which is directly from our deepest knowing, and proceed forward for the greatest good for all concerned, and that is LOVE.

“Learning to utilize life’s process as a healing tool, knowing we have attracted all that’s within our lives, is an act of surrender which leads us to unlimited possibility.”

Marlene Milner,MA


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