Holidaze, a Family Time

I hope you are all looking forward to spending the upcoming holidays with loving and accepting family members.  I hope you are able to enjoy yourselves with no triggers from the past, and revel in the joy of being together.

Transformation through Self Love

If not, why?  What do the holidays bring up in your family? Arguments, judgements, criticism, shame, blame, expectation; if so, it’s time to take an inventory of yourself, and begin to heal all those wounds that are causing you emotional discomfort and anger.

It’s called mirroring; what is coming up from your family members is mirroring how you feel about yourself when in their presence. The wounds of our inner child awaken when taken back in time by the company of our family.

It’s our job to heal our inner child so we can stay in our “adult selves” all the time; taking nothing personally and expecting nothing.  It’s called detachment, and now we are free.