Our Personal Truth (What is It?)

What we FEEL about a person, place, or thing in a particular moment is OUR personal truth.  However, how we feel is based on what we think, and what we think is based on what we tell ourselves. What we tell ourselves, that’s the culprit.

Most of us tell ourselves very negative things because we have come to believe that those things are the truth.  After all, “That’s what everybody says”.  So the feelings you have in response to the truth of others is NOT your personal truth. It is the truth of past programming, old beliefs, and unresolved issues.

To FEEL our personal truth we must do internal work.  I call it “roto routering” of the connection of head and heart. In order to experience our personal truth, we must first learn to FEEL the current moment’s essence; not the projection of a past, negative experience similar to this moment.

We create our current reality, and experience our truth through the cleared connection of head to heart.  When the pathway is freed from past wounding, we now enter the present with clear goggles, and our personal truth comes forth…..clearly and uniquely.

A PERSONAL MANTRA for self-love:

“Ah, there’s only ONE of me and for this I am most grateful. Thank you, Universe, for leading me to me.”

Marlene Milner, MA