Ways to Work with Marlene

Insights and Solution to Your Codependent Patterns either in person or via Skype:
This session is a six (6) week, one and a half (1, 1/2) hour Group Experience that was developed to include a session with Darcy Sean Clarke, MA, LPCC, CADC-II, CTPC, author of Healing the Wounds of Codependence. (Course times vary in availability, please refer with our scheduling pop-up below to make sure the next offering fits your schedule)
This course is a $1,200 offer being made available to you for only $397.00

INDIVIDUAL Deep Dive Sessions either in person or via Skype you will:
(This course is a 3 month commitment.)
This is an opportunity to really begin to see your results, and experience true transformation. Taking each of your emotionally conflictive situations, and begin to respond from self-love becomes a practice for which you become accountable. You will truly begin to live from joy rather than fear and anger.

  • Gain awareness around your everyday living, and how your personal choices create your reality
  • Learn how to change an outcome based on your thinking
  • Gain insight into how you are contributing to your own emotional discomfort
  • Begin to listen to your heart rather than your head in making decisions
  • Learn to FEEL your feelings rather than THINK your feelings, and begin to integrate this awareness into a love-based life.
  • Learning that “anything less than nurturing is abuse” invites the opportunity for discernment in your relationships.

This course done individually is a $1,500 value, with a three month commitment it is being made available to you for only $1,200.00

INDIVIDUAL Counseling Sessions either in person or via Skype you will:
(Individual sessions last for one hour)

  • Learn how and why it’s important to speak your truth
  • Begin to stop judging and criticizing yourself and others
  • Become aware of how you contribute you your own unhappiness
  • Gain Self-Esteem
  • Stop negative head chatter
  • Learn to use boundaries
  • See how the way you treat yourself is how others treat you
The Individual Sessions are available for $125.00

COUPLE’S Counseling Sessions either in person or via Skype allows:

(Couple’s sessions last 1.5 hours approx.)

  • Each person to be listened to
  • You to learn the best way to ask for what you need
  • An opportunity to set boundaries
  • A safe environment to be real without criticism
  • Issues to be processed in a respectful manner (no shame or blame)

Couple’s Counseling Session

FAMILY Counseling Sessions, depending on how many members are present will provide:

(Family sessions last 2 hours approx.)

  • Equal time for each family member to state their personal challenge within the family unit
  • Clarity around the challenging issues
  • An opportunity to be heard without criticism, shame, blame, expectation or judgment from other family members
  • Tools for remaining in one’s own power while navigating the challenges of the family unit
  • Insights into how each member contributes in their own way to the current problem

Family Size