You Are Worth It: Transforming Codependence to self-love

Three Questions to ask…

1. What do I think about myself/life?
2.Are my thoughts loving and nurturing toward myself?
3.How do I FEEL toward myself?

Using one’s self as a laboratory for healing from childhood wounding is staying in the moment and being our own observer.

You will discover the significance of how relationships are our greatest teacher for identifying, feeling, and ultimately healing our emotional wounding.

You will learn the importance of how when we feel a trigger, rather than blaming the other person; we learn to use “the glitch in our gut” as an amazing healing tool to Self-love.

This is invaluable information in discovering who you are on the deepest level, what wounds still exist, and are how they are getting in your way of going forward with the life you desire.

“Your relationship with yourself is the MOST important relationship you will ever have, and it is the blueprint for ALL other relationships.”  Marlene Milner, MA Founder of Beyond 12 Step

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